Warlander - Versatility
Breeding Warlander Horses

Warlander horses are derived from the crossing of both purebred Friesian and Iberian horses. In order to be registered as a Warlander, they must meet the breed standard and carry no more than 75% or less than 25% of either base breeds.
The Warlander Studbook is closed to outside blood.

Iberian: refers to any purebred horse (not pony) originating from the Iberian Peninsula who is registered in an established, verified purebred studbook. The Iberian purebred horse has different names and strains (depending upon country) such as: Pura Raza Espanola (PRE), Pure Spanish Andalusian (Australia), Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL), Alter Real, Hispano-Portuguese (PSL x PRE),  and regional breeds such as Pura Raza Menorquina.

Friesian: refers to horses registered with the mother studbooks: the Friese Paarden Stamboek (KFPS) and Friesenpferde-Zuchtverband e. V. (FPZV) or any horse proven through Parental Verification and testing will be accepted without discrimination if registered with verfied USA studbooks and local European registries who are members of the FN.

Warlander: refers to horses registered in the Warlander Studbook Society including past IWSR registrations and local registries in Europe such as the Bayerischer Zuchtverband fuer Kleinpferde und Spezialrassen in Germany.

First generation Warlander horses are a 50/50% cross with either dam or sire being one of the purebred base breeds.
Second generation (F2) and subsequent generations of Warlander horses can be bred as follows:

1: Warlander (50%/50%) x 100% Friesian or 100% Iberian                                                                                                    RATIO = 75% - 25% 
2: Warlander (50%/50%) x Warlander (50%/50%)
                                                                                 RATIO = 50% - 50% 
3: Warlander (75% Friesian/25% Iberian) x 100% Iberian
                                                                                 RATIO = 37.5% - 62.5% 
4:  Warlander (25% Friesian/75% Iberian) x 100% Friesian
                                                                                 RATIO = 62.5% - 37.5% 
5: Warlander (50%/50%) x Warlander (75%/25%)
                                                                                 RATIO = 62.5% - 37.5% 
6: Warlander (75%/25%) x Warlander (75%/25%)
                                                                                 RATIO =75% - 25% 
7: Warlander (75%/25%) x Warlander (25%/75%)
                                                                                 RATIO = 50% - 50% 

Artificifial Breeding Practices including artificial insemination using chilled and frozen semen and embryo transfer are accepted. Registration will not be accepted from any mares bred before 3 years of age.

​First generation Warlander horses will often achieve a hybrid Vigor which is the extra vitality that is observed when no defective genes are expressed (from the complete out crossing of unrelated bloodlines/breeds) allowing the individual to exhibit added vigor and size over that of the parents. As a rule of thumb, hybrid vigor breeds down and inbred's breed up.

WSS believes in 100% transparency within its studbook and acknowledges that the following genetic defects are known to come from the base breeds of the Warlander and WSS breeders must notify the society if any horses show the following - Cryptorchidism, Monorchidism. Dwarfism, Fallen Crest, Water head/crown head foals (hydrocephalus) and Mesocolic Rente. The studbook recommends that breeders of Warlander horses know the testing results of Friesian horses (for genetic defects) before breeding takes place and inform future owners of results.
WSS will in the future offer testing of the main genetic defects to its members.
​To date, the Warlander Studbook Society reports no incidences of genetic defects within the breed.
Pictured top to bottom:
Shepherds Hill Larry SPORT bred by Shepherds Hill Farm - AUSTRALIA
F2 Ardeo bred by Immortal Farms and owned by Jennifer Robinson - USA
Abacus Xanthus bred by Holly Zech and owned by Cheryl Painter - USA
Anubis von Greenhorn owned and bred by Alexandra Green - GERMANY
 Abacus Xanto bred by Abacus Farm USA