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Registration Options

* All residents of USA and Canada download form and view Genetic Testing Facilities at the Warlander USA section of this website.

* For all other countries Download Forms from this page

You must be a financial member of the Studbook before you can register or transfer horse/s. There are two levels of membership: 


Annual Membership: $100 AUD

Lifetime membership: $300 AUD

Life Members receive a free listing on our Breeder Directory, a Breeders Code and use of the Studbook’s logo for marketing purposes.


$100 AUD per horse lifetime registration
There are two options for Warlander registration as follows:

Main Studbook Registration
This qualifies the horse for keuring and requires DNA Parental Verification which can be done through any Genetic Testing Facility once the registration is processed. See end of page for testing facilities used by the Studbook.

Auxiliary Studbook Registration
The Auxiliary Studbook does not require DNA Parental Verification, however horses in this register can't be keured and their progeny can’t be registered in the Main Studbook.  This option suits non breeding horses (geldings), however the studbook recommends that if you are planning on selling the horse you supply the new owner with DNA Genetic Marker reports for the sire and dam or hair follicles from both so that they have the option to upgrade in the future if they wish.

Dealing with the Studbook
WSS is a digital based service giving high quality, high resolution ‘secure’ paperwork. This allows us to process your paperwork expediently and these papers can’t be tampered with or altered.

All forms are to be emailed to and it is advisable to send copies of the parent’s registration papers with your Application for Registration.

BUYER BEWARE - Horses advertised as Warlander
Only paperwork issued through WSS (and previous IWSR) and Bayerischer Zuchtverband fuer Kleinpferde und Spezialrassen in Germany can legally qualify a Warlander horse. 
There is ‘no’ studbook in USA other than Warlander USA a subsidiary of WSS who can offer valid Warlander paperwork based on the official Warlander Breed Standard held and governed by WSS.

BUYER BEWARE - Australia
It is the breeder’s responsibility to register the horse 'before' the horse is sold. Only the owner of the mare at the time of foaling can register horses in the Warlander Studbook. If you advertise a horse and call it a Warlander, the purchaser CAN NOT register the horse with the Warlander studbook. 

European Passports
European Passports for equines are a Governmental requirement for the transport of livestock. The Studbook is not based in Europe. As WSS is an international studbook it is impossible to cater for each countries governmental requirements. We do not issue European Passports.

WSS receives many enquiries from people all over the world who have purchased non papered horses advertised as Warlander – only to find these horses are not eligible for Warlander registration.
Responsible breeders register their horses prior to sale. Purchasers should contact WSS to validate registration prior to purchase or view our online studbook to see if the horse is registered if the seller has not already given you a copy of the horses Warlander papers.

Payment Options
We recommend you use the Studbook’s PayPal links for your own security. This will automatically convert your currency.
Only Australian residents can direct deposit to the Studbook’s Bank Account and we cannot accept cheques or money orders from countries outside of Australia.

DNA Matter
Do not send DNA matter to the studbook. You deal directly with the testing facilities as below.

DNA Parental Verification
This is the testing of three (3) horses, the sire, dam and finally the progeny to prove it came from those parents.
Send your testing results directly to the studbook.

Genetic Testing Facilities

Practical Horse Genetics
As well as DNA Parental Verification PHG can test for Friesian Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus.

Please order online at:

The Warlander discount code is: WRLNDR

For all queries email Dr Kao Castle:

Countries that can use Practical Horse Genetics

New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, The Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia. Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, New Caledonia, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vanuatu


North and South America