Warlander - Intelligence and Personality
Warlander Observations...
Could these four horses be the 'same' horse?
Some very 'distinct' types are becoming obvious within F1 and F2 Warlander horses with a 50/50% ratio.  

Pictured top right: F1 'Anubis von Greenhorn' bred and owned by Alexandra Green (Germany).
Centre right: F2 Warlander to Warlander gelding Ardeo bred by Immortal Farms and owned by Jennifer Robinson - USA
Below right: F1 mare 'Tanzia' owned by Angela Chabot - USA  Image Lost Highway Imaging
Below: F1 mare Ascenscion owned by Janice Stone - CANADA

To see the breeding of these horses, click on the above link to go to the online genealogy of all registered Warlander horses world-wide.